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Product Parameters
Name: USB portable fan
Size: 145.5X15X89.3mm
Weight: 23g
Color: red, green, blue, black, white
Rated voltage: 5V
Rated power: 1W
Material: The fan blade and the body are made of environmentally-friendly high-density silica gel (TPE). The hand is accidentally touched and will not be scratched, safe and environmentally friendly.
Product Description
1. Ultra-quiet: This product uses ultra-quiet micro-high speed motor, ultra-quiet, strong wind, good texture
2. Very low power consumption: 
Collocation 5000mah mobile power Workable 21 hours
Collocation 10000mah mobile power Workable 37 hours
Collocation 16000mah mobile power Workable 62 hours
3. The latest USB mini-mini fan, with ultra-quiet micro-speed fan, ultra-quiet, strong wind, excellent texture;
4. The fan blade is made of high-quality materials,  and it is a good helper to cool down in summer;
5.USB interface, suitable for charger, mobile power, computer, etc.; 
6. The product can be bent freely and is easy to carry.
Package Includes
1PCS USB portable fan
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